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Celebrating Excellence: Dawid Dabrowski Named Employee of the Month for June 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Dawid Dabrowski, our outstanding sales leader, has been named Employee of the Month for June 2024. Dawid's dedication and exemplary work ethic have set a new benchmark for professionalism and client care. Known for his white-glove, tailored consultations, Dawid has consistently gone above and beyond to assist business owners across the United States. His remarkable efforts culminated in securing 20 new fundings for businesses in May alone, showcasing his relentless commitment to driving success for our clients.

Employee - Dawid Dabrowski
Dawid Dabrowski

Originally from Poland, Dawid brings a rich tapestry of interests and passions to his role. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, reading, fitness, and self-improvement. Dawid adheres to a strictly vegetarian and vegan diet, which he credits for enhancing his mental and physical performance. His lifestyle is a testament to the benefits of healthy living. In recognition of his achievements and to support his values, Funderial has made a donation to Second Chance Rescue, a New York City-based animal center that Dawid holds dear. Learn more about their incredible work by visiting Funderial extends heartfelt thanks to all customers and colleagues who made May a memorable month!

Author - Michael Pennartz
Michael Pennartz

Michael is a seasoned finance professional with a passion for technology and frisbee golf!

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